Friday, 22 March 2013


I thought my ranty posts were over, hoped that our  government would have by now pulled their finger out and amended our rotten extradition treaty with the US, but oh no here we are again.  More victims of this insidious law are getting in line at Heathrow airport. They are coming out of the woodwork so to speak. Who What Where!!

Dave McIntyre  as reported in the Manchester Evening News and added to the increasing list of cases on the  Friends Extradited website.

 As you can see Dave is an ex army soldier having seen service in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Northern Ireland serving his own country, Britain. I'm not going to write about Dave's situation please read the press report. What's most alarming that Dave has only come to the attention of extradition campaigners at the very late stages of his extradition battle and as a consequence his situation is extremely urgent,extremely urgent. 

Legal representation has today been made to the Home Secretary Theresa May to put a hold on Dave's extradition which should be proceeding within the next couple of weeks or so after he lost his High Court Appeal against extradition. Dave has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of his experiences in some of the world's war zones. Unfortunately due to poor legal advice and also since Dave felt unable to tell people what was happening to him Medical evidence about his condition was not presented to the courts. Now Dave has at this late stage managed to find expert legal assistance it is hoped that this medical evidence can now be considered and his extradition stopped.

Melanie Riley at BellYard Communications  and FriendsExtradited has launched a  Petition to the Home Office so please if you are reading here  do sign and share with friends and contacts to help Dave.

Further press reporting in the Daily Mail

Campaigners are helping raise awareness on twitter using the hashtags #savedave #extradition.

Dave is now on twitter @davemac1134 so please follow and support him he needs all the help he can get and time is running out. Other people to follow for info about Dave are @FrExtradited @Extradition_sol @Kaimtodner @_amy_mac_ @beautifultroub

If any of you have friends in high places in the military or support groups please draw Dave's situation to their attention in case they can offer any help.

 25th March 2013 - Breaking News!!

Home Secretary Theresa May has agreed to a delay of Dave's extradition of two weeks to allow for submissions of medical evidence by Dave's legal team,, Solicitor Michael Evans at Kaim Todner Solicitors and Ben Cooper Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers.

Tremendous News !

Next Victim to follow on next post .........