Sunday, 8 January 2012

Latest Media Coverage from Another Victim of US Extradition

Todays Daily Mail reports on the experiences of Gary Mulgrew who was extradited as one of the NatWest 3. Before jumping to conclusions about "greedy bankers" it is advisable to first read about the case. There are plenty of press articles and Parliamentary debates as the Labour Government at the time itself tried to stop this extradition.It is also important to remember that the US justice system depends heavily on the Plea bargaining process where most often the accused have to plead guilty to a crime they didn't do in order to get out of jail early or in this case get out of America.

Due to being on licence Gary has only now been able to tell his account of US Prison conditions.

Terrifying Time in US Jail

As Richard's mother I can confirm that the UK Judiciary are fed and choose to believe the lies and inaccuracies about the conditions in US Prisons given by the US Department of Justice and US Government choosing to ignore expert reports and research available on the subject which support Gary Mulgrews testimony and that of others that will no doubt become public. This information is readily available on the internet in case of any doubt.

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