Sunday, 22 April 2012


E mail your own MP's about Richards case you can find your own MP's e mail address here. E mails tend to get a quicker response and remember we are running out of time to stop this aggressive extradition pursuit. Letters written to MP's generally take 6 weeks to generate a reply.

It would be useful if as many people as possible would write to or  e mail the Prime Minister David Cameron  here   and Deputy Prime Minister  Nick Clegg  to ask when the government is going to act on amendments to the current extradition treaty, to provide protection to UK citizens on a parr to that afforded to US citizens by the US government and to highlight Richard's case as well as the other victims.
  (Christopher Tappin, All the Info on Gary Mckinnon, Babar Ahmad Campaign)

Highlight the recent Freedom of Information Request 
which shows that not one US citizen has been extradited to the UK for a crime committed on US soil.
Please politely request a timely and substantive response.

Please ask  when are they going to report on the governments plans and are they going to take into account, the Joint Committee of Human Rights Report, the review of Sir Menzies Campbell, the Parliamentary Motion carried and Select Committee Reports & the submissions from the public and other bodies.

E mail the Home Secretary Theresa May   HERE 


Write A Letter to the Home Secretary

Theresa May
The Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Please highlight  the fact that what Richard did is not a crime in the UK and therefore not an extraditable offence.

Please voice your concerns and displeasure, again please ask for a substantive response. 

In any e mails it would be good to include any material to substantiate the fact that what Richard did does not constitute a crime in the UK.

MP'S who are involved in fighting to get the extradition law changed and who you can copy in to your MP e mail or just e mail them anyway putting extradition - national  matter on your e mail title are :

Keith Vaz
Dominic Raab
Julian Huppert
David Burrowes
Caroline Lucas
Sir Menzies Campbell
David Davis
Tim Farron 

Please keep signing Richard's petition here  This is going really well  thanks to all concerned  people so lets try keep it going.

Please use twitter hashtags  #extradition #RichardO #Freegary #FreeBabarAhmad #Freetalha

Follow me @jrodwyer  Other relevant people to tweet/follow @Janissharp (Gary's mum) @UKhomeoffice @Number10gov MP's on twitter can be found here


Sarah Murfet a first year Sheffield Hallam University Student has won the award  for the People's Choice at the Lovelace Colloqium   (Girl Geeks). Above is Sarah's winning entry which provides summary of Richard's, Chris Tappin & Gary Mckinnons extradition  battles.Click on image  to see detail in original size.

A fantastic honour for Sarah to win at this event which was attended by reps from Google, Thoughtworks & Bloomberg and many thanks to Sarah both for creating this poster on such an important subject and also for letting us use her poster in our campaigns against this extradition injustice.

This is Sarah's work so please do not reproduce without her permission. Follow Sarah on twitter @MurfetS

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


On the 30th March 2012 the Home Affairs Select Committee released its findings on the UK to US Extradition Treaty.

The committee calls for immediate action by the government to prevent any more British citizens being extradited under the current treaty and it calls for the immediate introduction of the Forum amendment to extradition so that  cases could be tried in the UK where a part or significant part of any conduct has taken place in the UK.

This very welcome report mirrors the findings of the JCHR Report published in April 2011 which both differ in some respects from the Scott Baker Report. It is of note that both of these reports were highly transparent in publishing all evidence under consideration whereas similar evidence submitted to the Scott Baker is still awaited despite demands by Dominic Raab MP and Sir Keith Vaz to reveal this information.


Liberty the Human Rights Organisation hosted an Extradition Watch event in support of Richard at Sheffield Hallam University on 29th March.
Shami Chakrabarti Liberty's Director chaired the event and Bella Sankey Liberty's Policy Director spoke on the current situation re extradition. On the panel were myself, Shami, Bella, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science Jawad Siddiqi & Jessica Zeun Lecturer in Computer Science. 

David Davis MP made an impromptu appearance and spoke out advising the audience on what steps they could take. Loz Kaye of  the Pirate Party asked what could be the next action to help Richard in his fight against extradition.

A brave gentleman in the audience spoke emotionally of  his own account of his extradition.