Saturday, 27 October 2012


Well Wow! What can I say- Angela's  fighting fund for Richard has exceeded all expectations over the last 48hours or so. Things really started to take off after Torrentfreak Published an article and at the same time ThePirateBay placed a doodle linking to the donation site  on their home pageTwitter helped spread the word as usual!

Angela and I are trying to thank all donors individually as well as responding to comments and good wishes. Its not very easy to do this without missing people or sending a thank you twice to the same person! Anyway we are doing our best. I know people on twitter have donated and its not alway possible to recognise and connect these with people following me on twitter so a  MASSIVE THANK YOU to all from twitter who have given and sent their messages of support, such a brilliant crowd whose support online has given me strength and helped  keep me going over these last 18 months.

Up to now 889 people from all over the world have donated £10,409! So much kindness and generosity from people really has been tremendous along with the great supportive comments. If this continues Angela should be sure to reach her goal of £25,000.

Just for info payment via the Gofundme site is via credit or debit card payment. Due to having a small number of people ask about alternative ways to donate people can also donate using  Flattr and there is now a  Flattr button on this blog. (This is new to me so I'm not sure how it works!) If people want to donate using other methods I'm sure that can be arranged so either contact me @jrodwyer or Angela @angelaroberts2 via twitter or leave a comment on here or on the Gofundme site and one of us will get back to you.

Someone has asked about Facebook verification of the Gofundme fighting fund the reason this hasn't happened is because Angela (who launched this fund) does not have a Facebook account - her dog does tho! Therefore you will not see it Facebook verified but I can assure everyone that monies raised will be used for its intended purpose as stated on this earlier post 

Depending on the outcome for Richard if there are any funds not used we will  ensure these are donated to worthy causes fighting against unjust extraditions and for extradition reform e.g Fair Trials International and Liberty


Sunday, 14 October 2012


Since Richard was served with a US extradition warrant on 23rd May 2011, our lives have been consumed with the need to fight against this outrage, this utter neglect of  successive British governments to give UK citizens protections equal to those afforded US citizens and against the terrifying but highly possible scenario of Richard being extradited to the US. 

The British public over this year have seen a steady stream of UK citizens who have never even set foot in the US being extradited and immediately placed into the Federal Prison system! Christopher Tappin, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan this year and a significant number before them such as the NatWest3 and Ian Norris.

Of note is the fact that not one American has been extradited to the UK for an alleged crime committed whilst in the US during this time or in fact at any other time since the current extradition law was enacted in January 2004.
In fact the UK has never even requested such an extradition of a US Citizen 

The extradition process is  from start to finish an additional punishment itself, meted out before any trial or opportunity to prove ones innocence. No presumption of innocence before proven guilty whatever the alleged crime.
Extradition destroys families, relationships, employment and is very costly even with legal aid and that is before the victims get to the US.

In the US there is no comparable legal aid system and legal costs can run into millions of dollars and drag on for years even more unsavoury is the fact that after an extradition, victims are often forced to wait many months or even years often in prison, for the US authorities to be ready for a trial. Over the last 18 months several people have offered to pay any legal costs in the US or to take Richard's case on a pro bono basis. For these kind and generous offers we are extremely grateful and reassured.

There still remains the worry of financial costs in the US, obviously there will be personal financial costs associated with travel to the US, accommodation and the cost of securing an address for Richard to live at in order to be allowed bail. These costs will have to be covered by me somehow. What concerns me are  the unknown additional costs which we could be faced with such as a large bail bond or an even more costly financial penalty running into hundreds of thousands of dollars if Richard were to be found guilty

I have until now not considered a fighting fund to be necessary and a number of supporters have made the suggestion, however in reality we must face up to the fact that Richard is likely be extradited without too much notice and hence need to plan ahead. An old nursing friend of mine Angela Roberts has this week launched a Fighting Fund for Richard with a target of £25,000. I am extremely grateful to Angela for doing this, she has been a terrific supporter in many ways.

This is a large amount to be raised and I know times are hard for many of us so with that in mind please donate only if you can afford to do so. Your online and public support has been invaluable and has helped get us through this dreadful situation.  

Nearly a quarter of a million people have signed the petition started by Jimmy Wales and - if just a fraction of these donated a small amount  the fighting fund the target would be achieved. So please if you can spare something please take the time to Donate.

All donations no matter how small will be appreciated.