Friday, 3 August 2012


Since a recent  Freedom of Information request revealed that not one US citizen has been extradited to the UK for an alleged crime committed on US soil, I have since requested more of these.

Interestingly one sent to me in  June  revealed that no UK citizens had been extradited to the US for alleged crimes committed without leaving the UK, but that 5 such cases were currently pending. I immediately queried these figures as I am well aware that Ian Norris and Christopher Tappin were both extradited to the US for alleged crimes committed whilst in the UK. See response , this I believe to be untrue.

Hot off the Home Office press though is the even more alarming revelation in the FOI I received this week that the UK has never requested an extradition of an American citizen for a crime committed in the US!!

No wonder the US Ambassador is forever stating that the US never refuses any extradition requests from the Uk since when it comes to crimes committed on "home soil" the UK simply doesn't ask for any!!

This is an even bigger abuse of territorial jurisdiction by the US, and even more so by the Home Office for supporting this atrocity.

None of this evidence revealed in these FOI's has been included or referenced within the Scott Baker Report which would further indicate that it was indeed a "whitewash".

Its a great matter of concern that this information is only available via FOI requests when the government has spent £250k supposedly on a thorough review of extradition

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