Sunday, 5 August 2012


I have stated many times that we have had no help whatsoever from our own government or the Home Office and that Twitter has been a tremendous source of support and information. This support has ranged from masses of campaign support - when I didn't know I had a "campaign" to tons of legal help and support as well as very importantly peer support! enabling me to be in touch with other victims of this bad law, Janis sharp Gary Mckinnon's mum, Elaine Tappin,Chris Tappin's wife, Hamja Ahsan brother of Talha Ahsan and Fahad Ansari close friend of Babar Ahmad as well of the many of their supporters.

We truly are "all in it together", non are fighting a crime but we are all fighting the extradition law for our sons or friends.

Copyright and  tech experts have sent me an enormous amount of information about internet law and about other similar cases. Copyright lawyers  from the UK and US have contacted me via twitter to offer their help.

Anyway yesterday came a great legal ruling from Judge  Richard Posner posted on twitter and also sent to me by Mitch Stoltz from the EFF   this may help Richard's case and has been forwarded to our legal team.

Court rules it’s legal to embed, watch copyright-infringing video 

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