Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Nightmare Begins

November 29th 2010 - My 22 year old  son Richard was visited in his University accommodation in Sheffield by officers from the City of London Police along with two Americans. They said they wanted to question him about a website he made called TV Shack and so Richard went along with them to a local Police Station in Sheffield. The Police took his computer and Laptop away with them.
Richard was questioned only for a short time 30-40 minutes, without a Solicitor being present. He answered all questions but was upset and tearful during this interview- something I found out only nine months later when I requested the transcript of the Police interview.
After the interview was concluded Richard was told he was on bail and would need to return to Snow Hill Police Station in London on 23rd May 2011. We heard no more from the Police until May when they confirmed the bail date. We expected that Richard might be charged with an offence or that the Police may need more time to investigate.

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