Thursday, 27 October 2011

SnowHill Police Station

23rd May 2011 I travelled down to London with Richard to answer bail as arranged. We had managed after some mix ups to get a Solicitor for Richard who had arranged for a London representative to meet us at Snow Hill Police Station.
Richard went into an office with two Police officers and the Solicitor. After a few minutes the Solicitor came out to me and told me that the criminal investigation in the UK had been "dropped". I felt an immediate sense of relief, however this was very short lived as in the next sentence I was informed that there was now an Extradition Warrant for Richard from the US and that we were to go immediately to the City of Westminster Magistrates Court. The reference to UK investigation hadn't clicked with us at first.
I was totally numb and shell shocked and turned to see Richard in handcuffs with one of the Police Officers. I asked him if he was OK, he said he was but he looked in shock. I told Richard I would see him at the Court. We were given no information whatsoever by the Police about what to expect or what would happen and I was left to find my way to the court whilst totally traumatised and terrified by what was happening. 

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