Friday, 28 October 2011

Mother's Ruin

The effect on our lives cannot be underestimated, Richard is  back at University where this year he is on a work placement. Obviously his employer and University needed to be informed about the situation. Thankfully all were supportive enabling Richard to carry on as planned which is helping to keep his mind off extradition.Having the threat of extradition hanging over him cannot be easy despite his "head in sand" approach.
Since our first visit to City of Westminster Magistrates Court I have not been able to go to my work, my career has been ruined as extradition has taken a hold. This thing has taken over my life completely, my concentration is poor and my motivation zero. I am spending every day all day either speaking to the media to raise awareness of the situation and the unbalanced Extradition Treaty with the US or spend time researching the law on extradition, human rights and copyright.
The worry of the extradition threat is not easy to live with, the thought of having your son carted off thousands of miles away to the US is a terrifying thought.

My partner has left unable to live with the stress. The stress of not getting enough attention due to me being slightly distracted!! Lol. So now I'm fighting and worrying about this alone on a day to day basis.

However so many people I have never met sending messages of goodwill and useful information. I am in constant contact with Janis Sharp mother of Gary McKinnon who has been fighting extradition to the US for nearly 10 years. Janis is so knowledgeable and supportive, I am so grateful for her help.

Latest on Gary Mckinnon

Other new friends David Bermingham who was himself extradited to the US. David has been fighting this extradition act since he was released after his own extradition. David has also assisted others facing extradition to the US, his own experiences mean he is extremely knowledgeable.

The NatWest Three Case

The Natwest Three Story in Detail 

Melanie Riley of Bell -Yard Communications who too is very knowledgeable and helps us to deal with the media. Bell-Yard Communications Ltd

Melanie asked Richard to create the website   Friends Extradited- All about extradition to the US to provide a source of information , support and raise awareness of the UK/US Extradition treaty.

I musn't forget my new Twitter friends too numerous to mention just now but I will do soon. Thank you

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