Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gearing Up For The Fight

2nd November 2011

This was the first of the proper extradition hearings. The purpose of this hearing was for the Barrister Ben Cooper to argue on points of law against Dual criminality. That is that Richard's conduct did not constitute a crime in the UK. If successful this would mean that Richard cannot be extradited. In order for a person to be extradited from the UK to the US the alleged conduct must be a crime in the UK.

The hearing went well once it got going with Judge Purdy and the Prosecuting Barrister for the US  John Jones also conceding that Ben Cooper had a strong argument. Ben Cooper argued that the website was almost identical in how it operated to the TV-Links website in that both sites only provided links to movies and did not actually hold films on their own websites. Richard had made some challenges as to the accuracy of some of the Skeleton argument for the Prosecution and so for this reason the issues will be continued on the 22nd November along with issues such as Human Rights! That is one big laugh though as in extradition cases the victims do not have their Human Rights considered

Just for fun here's a "link" to a movie freely available on't tinternet via Google search

First Orbit The Movie

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