Sunday, 13 November 2011

Our Support Network

 Family and friends support us as best they can. But how do you support someone in this position? The situation occurs so rarely, no one knows about it, how does it feel, what happens, how does it affect you etc. etc. And so people feel helpless in trying to support victims of extradition but they do their best.  Driven to the internet funnily enough the root of the problem! The Internet is how I found Janis Sharp mother of Gary McKinnon who has endured 10 years of mental torture whilst fighting extradition to the US in a highly political case. I found David Bermingham via the internet and Melanie Riley both invaluable sources of information and support. I found Ben Cooper our Barrister via the internet. I contacted Liberty Human Rights organistation who are now behind the campaign to help Richard. Liberty have been fighting the current extradition laws for many years.

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