Sunday, 13 November 2011

How to Help Richard - Victim of the UK/US Extradition Treaty

Richard's  petition asking for a UK Trial:

E Petition asking for a UK Trial for Richard

E Mail or write to your MP

 You can e mail or write to your MP about Richards case, highlighting our imbalanced extradition laws and the injustice in using extradition to deal with an "alleged"  crime already described as "non serious" by our own DPP

Government e petition on Extradition Reform AGAIN!!

Supporters of Babar Ahmad managed in a very short space of time to get over 140,000 signatures on their UK Government e petition. This was no mean feat and yet the Parliamentary Backbench Committee has decided not to allow a Parliamentary debate of this petition in the House of  Commons. And so we start all over again with a new petition to help all victims of these Rotten extradition laws. Please sign again your support is much appreciated.

All the Info on Babar Ahmad 

Thank you for your support

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