Thursday, 15 March 2012



  1. hi,

    i am just wondering if you are appealing your sons extradition on human rights grounds?

    this is the time for an all out attack on the barbaric american justice system. if human rights legislation prevents britain from deporting terrorists then you should be able to use the same clause to prevent your son being extradited.

    for one, your son is a young white male and is not affiliated with any gangs. he will be a prime target for all sorts of barbaric treatment in US jail and this would constitute a breach of his human rights -- this would make it illegal to deport him to the untied states.

    you should focus your case on the barbarity of the US federal prison system. this is a strategy that i do not think has been tried yet in preventing extradition.

    a good source to begin would be this one:

    it clearly documents the prevalence of male prisoner rape that massively and disproportionally affects young, white males not affiliated with gangs.

    this may seem alarming but its time to fight these bastards with everything you have.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for this, I am aware. You may not be aware that in extradition to US there are NO Human Rights considerations to speak of even though "they" say there are. Judges have created such a high bar for HR in extradition cases so that you have to be nearly dead or accused of terrorist offences in order to successfully argue on Human Rights grounds despite all the info on US Jail conditions etc.