Thursday, 15 March 2012


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Leaving aside the debate over the legality of TVShack, it is clear that Richard has committed no offence in the UK and that the alleged offences did not take place on US soil. This is such an obvious abuse of the extradition process and it sets a very dangerous precedent; that US law is now the de facto international law. This is wrong and it is for this reason that I oppose Richard's extradition.

A fair trial in the country of the alleged offense is a must. Why extradite to a completely unrelated country?? The U.S shouldnt be allowed to bully people like this......

 He should be tried under UK law as he is a UK citizen. The US should move to make laws to block sites like this if they don't want their citizens seeing this stuff. It is all a legal grey area anyway, I find this stuff through google so why aren't they being shut down? Irrespective he needs to be able to defend himself in his own country and the UK should protect that right.

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US soldier "Sergeant X" flown out of Afghanistan to face a pre-trial hearing. Shame he won't be tried in country of offence!

It's actually sickening to think we are living under US law, how blind was Blair to let this happen..

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  1. Julia, I think I can speak for the vast majority of the British public in saying we fully support your fight to prevent Richard's extradition. It's shocking that the majority of people do not realise that we are fully subject to US laws, and extraditable without any evidence being presented to a British court. I can't quite believe that this has been allowed to happen, but we must all fight together to prevent future casualties, and prevent Richard from being sent to the US.