Saturday, 18 February 2012


 E mail to:

Extradition Team

Theresa May Home Secretary

Deputy PM Nick Clegg      

Number 10

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Dual criminality is I understand said to be a cornerstone of the UK to US Extradition Treaty. Why then are you intending to extradite student Richard O'Dwyer to the US for conduct which is not a criminal offence in the UK. 

Richard O'Dwyer's website held NO copyrighted content on it. The site held only links to other places on the global internet, much as your own website holds links for which you yourselves take no responsibility.

Before even thinking of authorising the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer the CPS should have checked to see whether such conduct constitutes a UK crime, easy enough to do look on Google. As it is the DPP has already stated in writing that the case does not come into the category of serious! Seemingly then a ridiculous and disproportionate use of extradition.

See Here Previous Similar Cases:

Thus you are seeking to extradite a young University Student in whose case Dual Criminality does not exist, the whole tech and Intellectual Property Law Community already knows and have publicly stated as such. This young man will be forced to go to the US to plea bargain despite the fact that he has committed no crime in the UK and largely because the Judiciary in the extradition court only live and breathe extradition and are biased in that direction.


I am asking that you look into this matter properly. If this goes ahead not only is this young mans life ruined but irreparable damage will be wreaked upon UK to US business, trading and mutual relationships as outraged and concerned businesses block their online businesses to the US and cease to trade in order to protect themselves from falling foul of US laws which differ from UK laws.

Do you really think that the US would allow this to happen to one of their own people. The figures say not, 60 requests from the US since Jan 2004 and only 8 requests from the UK, this despite the fact that the US population is 5 times that of the UK and as such should have at least 5 times the number of criminals /extraditions. Constitutionally the US does not allow its citizens to be extradited for offences committed in the US.

I would like a substantive reply to my e mail outlining what action you will be taking and the timescale for action. The Judicial system dealing with extradition is currently biased in favour of extradition as the statistics clearly demonstrate. This young man has no Human Rights but yet murderers and terrorists for whom this law was intended do manage to have their Human Rights considered. This is completely Bonkers, please respond.

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