Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Chris Tappins Extradition is an Abomination - Nigel Farage

1st March 2012-Update

Chris has been allowed an extremely brief phone call home speaking to Neill for seconds only. However Chris is still in his cell for 23 hours a day with the light on  constantly. He still has no access to reading material.

BBC News Video Neil Tappin Chris's Son after Brief Phone Call

Chris is being held in isolation for 23hours a day and has no access to reading material his books have been taken from him. Chris's family have not received a single telephone call from Chris since he was shipped to America on 24th February now 5 days ago.  See below how to help.

Chris appeared briefly in court in El Paso on 28th Feb, whilst there he was observed by a Briton working as a Press Photographer to be looking frail. All are concerned about Chris.

Follow @britsnapper on twitter for news of Chris from El Paso

E mail the US & Uk Embassy's to express your concern about Chris's treatment as detailed above British Ambassador in Washington  - In Houston Texas - Communications in Washington

Consider contacting the CBI to raise awareness

Follow CBI on twitter @ CBItweets

Chris on Facebook

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