Tuesday, 28 February 2012



Keith Vaz held the Home Affairs Committee final enquiry into the UK to US extradition arrangements. Mr Vaz & Co as ever rigorously questioned Judge Riddle, Dominic Grieve, Keir Starmer & Sir Menzies Campbell- full video here later.

Elaine Tappin and her son described their experience of the whole extradition nightmare highlighting the lack of any opportunity to have evidence examined within the current UK judicial process.

Chris is being held in isolation for 23hours a day and has no access to reading material his books have been taken from him. Chris's family have not received a single telephone call from Chris since he was shipped to America on 24th February now 5 days ago.  See below how to help.

Chris appeared briefly in court in El Paso on 28th Feb, whilst there he was observed by a Briton working as a Press Photographer to be looking frail. All are concerned about Chris.

Please e mail the Foreign Office in UK , US & Houston Texas about Chris in Otero County Jail




Consider contacting the CBI  http://www.cbi.org.uk/ to raise awareness

29th Feb 2012 News


  1. What an utter disgrace, I am horrified at the UK Gov's lack of conscience. They are nothing more than puppets to the US and do as they are commanded. I say get rid of the Government, they are not fit for purpose! They do not protect their own citizens...they must go!

  2. Hi Julia

    I am a Development Producer in the UK. I am researching into a potential documentary about Britons being extradited and I would love to get in touch with you to have a chat about Richard and the other stories and people you are helping. Would you be willing to drop me an email to naomi@rainydaytv.co.uk?



  3. Hi Julia
    Sorry to hear about Theresa May extradition on Richard butas you see the Tories Cameron broke his word I have supported all facing extradition. I dont know what it is but the UK government is terrified of the US but I notice the US did not hand over the soldier who killed those innocent civilians.