Tuesday, 13 December 2011

14th December 2011- Happy Birthday Janis

Whilst Gary Mckinnon has been fighting for a UK trial and against extradition to the US since he was first questioned by the UK Police early in 2002 although extradition was not actively pursued until 2005 and conveniently after the current 2003 Extradition Treaty was enacted. Gary's mum Janis has fought tirelessly for him for all these years and it has been one long tortuous battle. So while this Christmas will be Gary's 10th Christmas living under the threat of extradition and all that would entail, today will be Janis's 10th birthday fighting the fight, never giving up "Fighting like a Tiger " to save Gary from being shipped off thousands of miles away from his family and left to rot in a US jail only for as long as Gary could bear it before committing suicide. Janis's fight was recently acknowledged by Liberty who awarded her with a Human Rights award - very well deserved.
Janis should not have to endure another birthday or another Christmas suffering this mental torture that no decent human being would allow an animal to suffer, so lets hope and wish that this is the very last birthday Janis has to spend fighting for her son's life.

There have been lots of small wins recently on the political front with extradition.Gary's fate is in the hands of Theresa May the Home Secretary who is still considering the medical evidence which supports the opinion that Gary should not be extradited to the US as suicide would be almost certain.
Keep strong Janis, keep up the fight and keep your chin up! A HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, may your next one be a "Proper" Happy Birthday, the one that can celebrate you and  Gary having that terrible threat removed and being able to rebuild your lives and repair the damage done to Gary, you and your family.

Best Wishes on your Birthday Janis from Julia and Richard XX

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