Monday, 19 December 2011


"This boy should be free absolutely no doubt about it. It is RIDICULOUS to try and extradite someone for simply letting people share links on his site, that FOR ONE is not illegal. And TWO - the fact the the US goverment can't get to grips with the fact that THEY CANNOT control the internet - it is open source. They should not take their issues with the modern world and technology out on an innocent normal young open hearted boy. This is the modern world - DEAL WITH IT. Leave him alone!!!

Some common sense from our parliament on this please."

"The extradition treaty is one-sided & mal-formed. An extradition would impede justice. Justice for Richard!"

 "Look into the facts of the case and you will hopefully realise that the case for extradition is meaningless and ICE is just looking for a new scapegoat to satisfy the MPAA."

"Stop this absolute bullshit. He is a UK citizen operating a website with LINKS to other sites. He has committed no crimes. Sending him to the USA is the only crime here."

"An EU citizen should not be made subject to American law simply by being on the internet. If acts take place within the UK, they should be subject to UK law only".

"It is unbelievable that a UK citizen could be extradited for committing a crime by another countries laws within the UK!"

"Stop him from being extradited and bring some normality back to the legal system!"

"The extradition of a young man purely to feed the endless greedy desires of private corporate entities in the US cannot be allowed to proceed. The majority of right-thinking people already recognise that 'contributory copyright infringement' is a nonsense offence which cannot be truly quantified. If simply by linking to other websites who are hosting infringing content is an offence then every single search engine is also guilty. Where do we draw the line? It is unenforceable - end this madness."

"This is outrageous, that the UK would just give away their citizens like that? Where is your pride England? God Save the queen? I would say "God save the people".

"The US is the US and the UK is the UK. They are completely separate countries separated by an ocean and by completely different legal system. The US has no business whatsoever trying another country's citizens when he never so much as crossed a border or even for-profit business. Extraditing him is the equivalent of forcing someone to pay for a bill to a restaurant he never went to."

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