Saturday, 17 December 2011


As a US citizen, I am appalled that our government finds it acceptable to remove young people- people who are not dangerous and not exactly criminals- from their homes, families, and the protections of their own government, just so that some billionaire media mogul can "make an example of him" for crimes that weren't even committed on US soil. Even oppressed countries like Iran and North Korea don't do that.

This is a UK matter, the US has absolutely no business forcing themselves on it.USA

 The madness of the British politicial system allowing this youth to face trial in a foreign country when your own police have dropped charges for the same crime beggars belief.

Your political elite have sold your hearts to the EU and your souls to the US.

Tell them to grow some balls and protect your children! AUSTRALIA

No one should be pulled out of their OWN country for a crime committed in their OWN country. Also the pain and suffering caused by putting a person into a FOREIGN court system and the holding and jailing procedures are never taken into consideration.USA

 I can not begin to express my disgust for this case. I know in the United States we have the word justice attached to our system as a partial oxymoron, but I thought the UK actually had capable courts, judges, and laws that seek justice.USA

 It is disgraceful to think that the UK or any developed sovereign nation would allow its citizens to be treated this way. For shame AUSTRALIA

 This attempt at extradition is a nasty and contemptible piece of work and should be stopped forthwith.IRELAND

 good luck on your fight against extradition. the US seems to be the big mean bully in the playground, and this it yet another classic case of just that. i wish you the best of luck fighting this nasty opponent, who's own demise shall be through its own greed.CANADA


 Mr. O'Dwyer will and can _not_ be fairly tried on this matter in the United States. Due to regulatory capture it is impossible for civil or criminal penalties to issue on these matters in U.S. jurisdictions.USA

 This is a violation of human rights, I'm ashamed that my government would engage in such malicious activities and violates one's human rights to this extent. It's an unfortunate injustice, that is just more cause for a revolution-- to change ourselves, for the better.USA

 Next they will own England because the Prince sang one of their songs in the shower USA

 I fully support Richard O'Dwyer, what is happening to him is complete non sense. Please stop this Extradition immediately USA
 Help this guy out from the oppressive and corrupt American legal system! Leave him home! USA

 IP infringement should only be actionable in the country in which it occurred. If the UK does not acknowledge that infringement occurred, or that no reasonable laws were broke, then a person should not be extradited to a foreign power. That's the right of a people to rule themselves. The UK is not an American colony, don't act like one.USA

 This is absolutely absurd - if this extradition goes through, my company will be locking out US IP addresses, and I will be urging companies I consult for to do the same. The Internet is a global community, and the laws of the United States do not apply outside of their borders. If they can't accept that, they will find a lot of locked doors on the Internet.CANADA

My American government is getting too arrogant, obnoxious, and obtrusive in forcing it's draconian laws not only on it's own citizens, but now the rest of the world. Someone needs to stand up to the American government and stop them. The U.K. Parliament needs only to remember that U.S. laws do not apply in the U.K. Stop the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer. PHILLIPINES

 The extradition of an UK-student - living in the UK, having used UK-domains and UK-servers only - to the USA for a non-crime, non-violent action like copyright infringement of all things under acts made for terrorists is ridiculous, grossly unfair, out of any proportion and a shocking abuse of justice. I'm stunned and disgusted. I hope common sense will prevail!HONGKONG

 I'm American but if I were a citizen of the UK I would be ashamed that my own country isn't protecting me. I hope this situation gets resolved without him having to be tried in the US or in the UK. Movie studios & tv networks are trying to hold on to a DEAD business model that is not sustainable in the 21st century. They are using vast financial resources to enlist the government to do their bidding, & it's not right. I had more to say but no room. Go here 2 read my comment USA

Switzerland is watching the UK's reaction to these events.
For the sake of Justice and Integrity, the UK should not allow one of it's young citizens to be deported to the country that operates Guantanamo Bay, especially not for an activity that so far has not even been ruled as illegal (i.e. linking to other websites).
UK courts are perfectly capable of trying this case and the UK must protect it's citizens.SWITZERLAND

 This has to be some kind of sick joke. Extradition to a country he's never been? USA

 Best of luck to you Richard, I really hope everything goes well for you. You don't deserve this. USA

Watch out, Google, you're next for referring people to other websites that break the law.CANADA

 To Richard and family: God bless and good luck USA

Running an internet site with an extension that is managed by a US company does NOT give the US the jurisdiction to supersede other countries' laws, despite the fact they might feel otherwise. If no other connection abroad exist, people should be prosecuted under local laws.HUNGARY

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