Friday, 30 December 2011

2012 is Nearly Upon Us & The Fight is Not Nearly Over Yet

January looks like being a busy month, on the 10th there is a meeting of the Select Committee chaired by Keith Vaz. Among others David Bermingham a victim himself of the current unbalanced extradition treaty who was extradited to the US in 2006 as one of the Nat West 3 has been called to give evidence to the committee. Whilst the Scott Baker review team were clearly not interested in any views the "victims" of extradition might have, preferring instead to travel across the world to seek US opinion at least Keith Vaz's Committee are interested.  Update to follow on this on the 10th January.

Richard is due to receive  the Judgement on his case on the 13th January, of particular importance will be  Judge Purdy's decision on the extradition offence and whether our Barristers argument that "linking" does not constitute copyright infringement and is therefore not a crime in the UK. If this argument is won there will be no extradition.

In the meantime I have requested two Freedom of Information requests from the Home Office both due to be received in January. I anticipate that these will both highlight further inequities in the UK/US treaty and I will forward these to Keith Vaz on receipt.

Still outstanding is the response from the Home Secretary on the Governments intentions with regard to the extradition treaty, Nick Cleggs review of the current extradition treaty being led by Sir Menzies Campbell.

Most importantly the Home Secretary's decision on Gary Mckinnon is awaited. Gary and his family have had this atrocious and despicable threat of extradition hanging over them for far too long. It is time this government did the right thing and remember according to the US Ambassador they are only pursuing Gary because he "mocked" them.

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