Friday, 16 December 2011


Extradition for something like this is laughable, at best. The man is not a US citizen and, as such, cannot be tried fairly in a US court of law. If he has committed offenses of a high enough calibre, take care of it without an international pissing contest. This just screams "totalitarian paid police". Stop going after kids simply because you want more money. US Comment

Uploading links its not illegal.UK COMMENT

The US talks about freedom and democracy, they need to respect other country's laws more and mind their own business.CANADA COMMENT

People should be free to use the internet without fear of America.UK COMMENT

The U.S. Government, the courts and law enforcement are completely out of control with this copyright insanity. To allow them to reach across borders and extradite a citizen of another country for such an absurd non-crime is a complete intolerable travesty. The U.S. does NOT run the world. Their primary concern is protecting and looking out for the interests of big business and the rich. If they choose to chase down their own people, so be it. Their insanity must remain within the U.S. UK COMMENT

TVShack was intended for residents of the United Kingdom. No attempt was made to target anyone with TVShack in the USA. An extradition of Richard O'Dwyer from the United Kingdom to the USA is NOT supported by large numbers of residents of the USA (including myself).US COMMENT

 This extradition policy is one sided. It is unfair, unjustified and unreasonable.UK COMMENT

These laws were drawn up to deal with terrorism suspects. Why is there even a debate about it? The UK desperately strives to nurture a so called "special relationship" with the US which only suits the US. UK MPs should make the law absolutely unambiguous that it is for terrorism offences and nothing else. We know what US "justice" looks like and whilst they see themselves as the land of the free, we know better. If my MP does not sign up to this I will vote for someone who will as should we all. UK COMMENT

This is ridiculous. Firstly his site did not host any illegal content, only links. And secondly everything that happened was in the uk. Another blatant abuse of power by the American movie industry. If hes committed a crime ok fair enough, if the law says he has then he has but the us needs to stop sticking its nose into other country's affairs. Why do they think they are becoming so unpopular around the world. Isn't their country big enough for them anymore? I hope he gets a fair trial:) NEW ZEALAND COMMENT

This is ridiculous. I live in the USA and they should not have any power over any other countries citizen, hell they can not take care of their own problems, and this certainly is not a problem they should be throwing money at. Linking, and Streaming should be left alone. America Clean up your own back yard before you start extraditing some nice college kid for linking sites. 

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