Monday, 5 December 2011


                  Janis Sharp on London Tonight on the run up to the debate.

Since the success of the debate on 25th November which has resulted in successfully achieving todays debate, extradition has been very much in the news. Supporters of Gary Mckinnon and Babar Ahmad who have very long established active campaigns have been very much in the media spotlight and both have been highlighting Richard's case along with that of Chris Tappin. Many thanks to Janis Sharp and Babar's family. You know what WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.
Here is some of the reporting from this week beginning with hot off the press a small win for Julian Assange who whilst fighting extradition to Sweden under an EAW could also find himself fighting extradition to the US.

Brilliant Speaking as usual today from Janis Sharp on Russia Today along with Keith Vaz 

This is exactly why Janis truly deserved the Human Rights Award from  Liberty Human Rights Organisation 

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